Bringing Hope
and a Smile
to those with Cancer

About Us

Our Mission

To bring hope and a smile to children with cancer and their families.

How We Came About

aboutThe Spencer Foundation was founded by Jean and Jeanine Spencer, who believed in always making a positive impact by their presence. Jean and Jeanine Spencer were partners for 30 years and married in 2015.

Jean was a lover of life, loving anything outdoors, including being an avid skier and a horsewoman. She loved children and was considered a big kid herself.  Jean was known for her positive attitude and her smile. Jean worked for almost 40 years at UL LLC striving to make the world a safer place. She retired and became a nutritionist, studying and fascinated by homotoxicology and natural healing. She was armed with two Master Degrees and was going for her Doctorate when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer in 1995.

Jean found the positive in everything, even while dealing with cancer. Being the forever optimist, she believed that by living with cancer and dealing with all its challenges, she would be better enabled to help others.  She lost her long fought battle after 10 years, due to complications with not being able to make her own viable blood. But during those 10 years, she touched many lives with her smile and profound optimism and her ability to find sunshine in any cloudy day.


In early 2015 Jeanine was also diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer. During their cancer journey, Jean and Jeanine’s hearts ached for the children whose youth was interrupted by their illness.  They saw the stress, fear and toll of the diagnosis and treatment that families endure as well as the life interrupted of these young souls.

Before Jean died, they decided to create a foundation to provide resources for children and their families. By founding The Spencer Foundation in March 2016, Jeanine fulfilled Jean’s final wish.

With the strength and support of the board of the Spencer Foundation, the Spencer Foundation will bring hope, lots of smiles and support to children and their families fighting cancer, always watched over by our own guardian angel.

Our Board of Directors

Our Directors bring a wide range of skills and lots of energy to the Foundation’s activities. Click here to learn more!

Our Logo

Living with cancer can sometimes be a long hard journey. What better symbol than the turtle to tell you to take it “Slow And Steady”?  In December of 2012, Jeanine Spencer crocheted a turtle as a gift for Jean with a note that stated just that – “Slow And Steady”. Jean named her turtle SAS, so our logo was born. The Turtle has also been known to represent: Strength, Endurance, Stability, Order, Creation, Patience, Longevity, Innocence and Protection.  From time to time, you’ll see them frolicking on our Facebook page, so watch for them!